Platybuild is a generally pixelized sandbox game, where you are a platypus trying to survive in a world full of threats, treasure, traps, challenges, puzzles, surprises, and the occasional humor.

Now don't be hasty! This game is not invented yet! This site is a place for the developers to publish thier ideas, and for readers to ge an idea of what to look forward to. Here you will see the stats of creatures, the powers of tools, and the strengths of blocks.

In Platybuild, you start as a little platypus with nothing but a celt (a stone-age hand tool) and an axe. With these you can begin to survive in the treacherous world of platupi.

Players can join eachother in the game on what are referred to as "servers," which are worlds that are open to either a limited number of users (private server), or worlds that are open to enyone (public server).

Let's get started!

Wooden Sword